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Who can get free legal aid?

Foreigners usually use free legal aid when they have problems with status rights, labour rights, discrimination or violence. You are entitled to free legal aid only if you have no means to support yourself.

If you are an asylum seeker, you can get free legal aid regarding your asylum procedure. The authorities will inform you on your right to free legal aid in case your asylum request is denied in the first instance. Your case officer will give you the list of lawyers who can represent you, free of charge, before the administrative court.

If you are granted international protection, you are assigned an integration counsellor, who shall inform you of your rights, responsibilities and possibilities and guide you through the integration process. If you need other legal aid and do not have enough money, you can get free legal advice too.

Who offers legal aid for asylum seekers and refugees?

If you are a refugee, you can contact civil society organizations for help. Legal aid providers shall inform you of your rights and the possibilities of exercising these rights, explain the procedure in which you will participate and, if needed, they will contact other institutions regarding your case (e.g. Ombudsperson’s offices or other available mechanisms).

Two main organizations provide free legal aid:

Some organizations assist with family reunification (PIC, Slovene Philanthropy) and family tracing (Red Cross).