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What kind of public transportation is there in Slovenia?

Public transport in Slovenia is quite well organized and reliable. There are regular connections between the cities. Trains offer a quick and comfortable link between the cities, while buses also go to more remote places. Both offer discounts for students, seniors, unemployed etc.


You can find all the information about the train connections (timetables, map of rail network) in Slovenia here: You can buy train tickets at the train station. If the train office is closed (mainly in small towns and smaller stations), you can buy tickets in the train, but be aware that the price doubles if you buy the ticket on the train while the ticket office is open.

International connections are also available.


There are regular bus connections between bigger towns across the country. See for more info.


Every city has its own public transport where buses drive regularly and frequently. In Ljubljana, you need to buy Urbana – smart card, allowing quick and convenient cash-free payment for rides in Ljubljana city. The Urbana card can also be used to pay for cable-car rides to the Ljubljana Castle, public parking fees and some parking lots as well as the services of the Ljubljana City Library. You can load credit or buy a period ticket. You can buy the card and load the credit at any tobacco shop. Find more info here: You have to validate your card when entering the bus. In Maribor, the system is the similar: More info about public transport in Celje: (in Slovene) and Kranj: (in Slovene). You can buy a daily ticket on the bus.

In other cities and towns refer to the local main bus station.


Riding a bike is common in Slovenia. In bigger cities, you can also rent bikes for very little money:

In Ljubljana, city bikes have stations all around the city: If you register to rent bikes for a week/year, you can use them 24/7 free of charge (the first hour is free, later small fees apply), but first you have to register on-line with your credit card (and pay a small fee of 3€).


There are three public airports in Slovenia, near Ljubljana, Maribor and Portorož, but the majority of flights come through Ljubljana airport: The national airline company is Adria Airways.


Many people own a car, especially if they live in the countryside. A new car is expensive; so many people buy a used one. Nevertheless, you have to be careful, because in Slovenia, every car must be fully functional, if you drive it on the road. The car is reviewed annually by state testing agencies. A car is expensive because of costs such as insurance (which is mandatory), taxes, fuel and parking costs.

What should I keep in mind when I take the public transport?

– Public transport follows a schedule. Be sure to check what time buses or trains leave and make sure you arrive on time to the point of departure. Sometimes, public transport can be delayed.

– You can buy tickets in tobacco shops, at the stations (from machines or at the ticket office), sometimes also from the driver and online.

Sometimes, tickets need to be purchased in advance. Make sure you always have a valid ticket, as the penalty for riding without a ticket is very high.

– If you use public transport on a regular basis, you might consider purchasing a ticket valid for a longer period of time (e.g. a month or a year). Schoolchildren, apprentices and students can apply for a season (one semester) or annual ticket at a reduced price.

– In the public transport there are seats reserved especially for older people, people with disabilities and pregnant women.

– You are not allowed to smoke in the public transport. Taking along pets such as dogs is subject to special rules; the dog must be kept on a leash and wear a muzzle.