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What to expect of legal aid

What can I do if I need juridical support but cannot afford financially professional help

Free legal aid is meant for those people, who have a poor financial income and especially need support in juridical issues. Often support is needed for problems with status rights, labour rights, discrimination or violence. Generally EU member states are obliged to give juridical advice and assistance free of charge during the procedure of asylum seeking. Your contact person here (at the organisation that welcomes you when you arrive) in Austria will give you the right contact if you need legal aid.

Generally there are organisations like “Helping Hand”, “Caritas” or “Diakonie” (see below for contact) that offer support and are able to give basic legal advice. If you need a lawyer there will be the option to receive help without charge.  The Ministry of Interior too will inform you on your right to free legal aid if your asylum request is denied in the first instance.


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