Coordination meeting of partnership in Vienna


On 6 and 7 June 2018. partners in WELCOMM project held its first coordination meeting in Vienna. Our Austrian partner Südwind hosted the meeting in its Vienna office. 12 participants from CESIE, Slovene Philanthropy, Centre for Peace Studies and Rehabilitation Centre for Stress and Trauma, as well as host organization Südwind, took part at the meeting.

The main topics discussed were content of the Informational packages and Guidebooks on various services for third country nationals, particularly those being relocated or resettled to one of the countries represented in the WELCOMM project.

The Informational packages and Guidebooks will be published on WELCOMM web page, alongside other informative, learning and collaboration tools and content intended for third country nationals as well as those supporting their reception and integration in EU countries.

One of the learning tools discussed in the coordination meeting is online language course of Croatian and Slovenian language. The language courses are being developed by Croatian and Slovenian language experts in collaboration with CESIE web developer and communication team. The methods and content of the online language courses are also being discussed at the Vienna meeting.