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It is very easy to travel in or from Italy.  Italy has a well-developed public transport system that consists of railways, metros, buses, ferries, airplanes and other means of transport.


You can use the train to travel in the country and outside. Italian railway system is extensive and well connected with the European railway system. The regional network is more extensive in the north, than in the South. An important high-speed train line connects the South with the North of the country going from Naples to Milan and Turin.

National railway company:



Or the underground you can find in big cities like in Roma, Milano, Naples, Genoa.


Can be used for domestic and international transport. Domestic ones can be for long distance, intercity, and city destinations.

Long distance buses are provided by e.g.


Bus Italia


Are the means of transport that connects the biggest mainland ports with the Italian islands and other Mediterranean countries.

Ferry lines:


Italy has 129 airports in total that connect the local destinations and international ones. The busiest aerports in Italy are Roma-Fiumicino (, Milan-Malpensa ( , Milan-Bergamo, Milan-Linate, Venezia Marco Polo.

National airline company is Alitalia that flies to 97 destinations in the world.

Low cost companies flying to Italy:

  • Some cities have trams and boats (Venice) that are used for public transport.
  • Riding a bike is common in some cities and you can always find second hand bikes.

Tickets, mobile apps

You can buy tickets in tobacco shops, at the stations (machines or at the ticket office), also sometimes from the driver and online.

Often you have to validate ( tickets before the departure at a machine at the station or onboard. 

Here ( you can find useful information about all the public transport means for the local and international destinations and their timetable. Many companies also have their own mobile app ( that can be useful for you.

Useful mobile apps for researching public transport connections in Italy:

Moovit (

Google maps (works quite well in Italy)

City mapper (for Rome and Milan) (

Bus Palermo (