Intercultural Awareness Training: Introduction


The WELCOMM Project – Supporting integration of third country nationals through developing learning and collaboration tools to build welcoming and inclusive communities, aims to contribute to the pre-departure and post-arrival integration of persons in need of international protection who have been relocated within the EU or resettled from a third country. To reach this goal, particularly in post-arrival stages, it’s necessary to strengthen capacities of key actors in receiving communities to effectively facilitate and support integration of refugees and migrants.

For this purpose, an intercultural awareness and competency-based training was designed, developed and piloted in the participating countries. The objective of this training is to raise awareness and improve competences of professionals and practitioners in reception and integration systems, CSO activists and volunteers in host communities in terms of intercultural sensitivity and competencies as well as mental health vulnerabilities and trauma awareness and self-protection from emotional exhaustion and burnout.

About the training

This Intercultural Awareness Training consists of four complementary units:

  1. Culture, with subunit on Stereotypes and Prejudices
  2. Interculturality, with subunits on Cultural Shock and Intercultural Sensitivity
  3. Communication, whit subunit on Emotional exhaustion and Burnout of helpers
  4. Refugees’ Mental health: Vulnerabilities, Coping and Growth

The Training Curriculum Brochure in English as well as country specific adaptations in German, Croatian, Italian and Slovenian, with description of training procedure and Annexes with materials used in training can be downloaded on main Training Materials page.

On the following pages background information – definitions, theory inputs, rationale for used activities and links for further reading and learning, can be found, linked to the main learning units in the Training Curriculum.